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Paso Robles, California

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Shelly Brown's life-long passion for Arabian horses has been an integral part of her entire life. She spent numerous years researching pedigrees and discovering favorite bloodlines, before formulating optimal crosses. Once she realized, phenotypically, what she was looking for, she then invested more time into uncovering those lines dispositions in person. She did this by making frequent flights across the US. Over many years, she slowly assembled her precious broodmare band. Finally, in 1995, the breeding program emerged. Since that time, the program has consistently yielded such desirable attributes as gentle disposition, overall presence, pretty heads, correct conformation, and flowing movement. In 1997, Galaxy Arabians became an official business and was subsequently converted into an LLC.

Mission Statement:

Preservation breeding-to preserve lines that produce intelligent, gentle, sound-minded horses that display athleticism, with excellent conformation,"typiness," and the willingness to learn.

Horses will only go to homes where they are cherished and appreciated as living beings, not objects. All potential buyers will be thoroughly vetted. We are looking for informed people who can offer safe, horse-friendly environments. Our goal is to find permanent homes for the horses. It is essential for us to allow adequate time to properly match potential buyers with horses.

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Centrally located between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, Galaxy Arabians is nestled in the valley beneath the oak-studded foothills of Paso Robles, California. The beautiful Pacific coastline of San Luis Obispo County is only a short drive away.

This farm runs on TLC. Only the best is accepted for our herd. Accordingly, our horses will only be placed in exceptionally loving homes. If you share this level of commitment and have an interest in our horses, please inquire. Nothing pleases us more than making a perfect match between horse and human!


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